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December 06, 2005


Email Marketer


What vendors out there even offer opt-in append? I'm not aware of any amongst the big guys (Equifax, Acxiom, Walter Karl, etc).

Dennis Dayman

While I totally agree with you on this thought, what comes to immediate mind is then how do you handle the lag of time between the "opt-in" period in the appenders database and the first email the receiver will get.

Just a thought...

Al Gadbut


I know that we have talked about this in recent weeks. I still think the biggest obstacle to opt-in email append success is getting the attention of the recipient of the permission email and making it clear in the subject line within the 0.5 seconds someone reviews an inbox list of messages that this is an opt-in permission opportunity. Our experience shows that there is a big difference between not wanting to receive a messages from someone and not being "in market" for the goods or services at the moment a permission message is received. I am still searching for a viable solution to help marketers maximize the requisite opt-in from the population of offline customers with identifiable email addresses resident in an append database such as Acquireweb's. I know that we have discussed some potential solutions and I am willing to try them as soon as you are.

Chip House

Right now there are no providers actively offering opt-in append. However, I have been discussing with Al at Acquireweb. I'm looking for a chance to test it, just need to find the right client opportunity.

Ultimately this comes down to what the value of a name is. Our data continues to point to a "raised hand" being much more valuable in the long run than forcing an email down a recipient's throat.

Keith Enright

As someone who has served as a similarly-situated deliverability executive, and who is painfully familiar with the variables supporting your position, I agree with you in principle. Still, I think if anyone could demonstrate that, from a customer acquisition and lifetime-value perspective, the type of opt-in campaign you describe offered more long-term value than a typical append strategy, businesses would adopt the practice quickly. Most clients clearly don't anticipate or understand the full downside of sloppy append management, including the resulting deliverability issues and such. They also, in my experience, don't immediately understand the diminished value of appended email addresses, relative to their existing customer file. (And they're typically shocked when they look at some of the resulting metrics.) However, I think it's unfortunate but true that, though the value of a true "opt-in" is exponentially higher than a "hasn't(yet)-opted-out", the marginal numbers of true opt-ins that you'll generate from a campaign of any significant size will still leave rational clients to opt for the current practice. The ability of existing append strategies to grow the list and acquire more customers may still, in the long run and from a strictly bottom-line-driven perspective, prevent the adoption you promote.

I could be wrong, and I'd sincerely love to see some reliable numbers that demonstrated I am.

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